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                                                                     Why Choose Tax On The FAX ?
You may already have been solicitedby several marketing firms claiming they can do 'magic' with your tax delinquency : 'abate penalties and interest', 'settle for pennies on the dollar', etc..
But guess what? You are most likely consulting with a commission sales telemarketer (called an 'opener') working in a "boiler room" operation who's role is to get you interested so he /she can pass you on to the real expert (the closer).  The whole scenario is scripted professionally with the sole intention of determining how much they can convince you to pay.  There are many reputable Tax Resolution offices  and it is highly recommended you make the right choice or you may make a bad tax problem into a worse tax problem.  At Tax On The FAX you will speak directly with a Certified  Pubic Accountant regulated by the Internal Revenue Service and a former IRS Revenue Officer with over 30 years experience.  It only makes sense to consult with a Professional who can assure you the privacy and expertise you deserve.  
Find out about the IRS FRESH START PROGRAM. We can help you determine if you qualify. We will explain all the tax negotiation options that are available to you. Our initial phone or office consultation is free. 


Our goal is simple, we strive every minute of every day to bring closure to our client's tax troubles.  Based solely on the information that our clients provide to us, we provide the following services (among other services):

-Tax Remediation

-Offer in Compromise

-Penalty Abatement

-Legal Representation (Power of Attorney).

-Levy Removal

-Tax Re-filing

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