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Avoid Tax Scams!!!

Posted on September 6, 2014 at 10:30 AM

How to avoid Tax Remediation Scams.


Hello Everyone.


Crystal here and I'd like to share some simple tips to avoid tax scammers:


-Before you agree to sign anything, ask for all work performed (by your tax representation organization) to be laid out in a Scope of Work that is included in the final agreement.


-Before you agree to sign anything, ask whether or not the price of the agreement fully covers the fees of the Scope of Work that was previously detailed. If they want to leave the price of their work performed open-ended, run and don't walk away from that organization.*


-Do your research. Check around the web to try to find reputable information about the Tax representation firm. Just as in life, problems come up all of the time (for any given business) and that a little bit of negative feedback is normal for a full time business that has been operating for numerous years. What you'd like to find is that with any issues that did come up, the organization made sure to address the concerns to the client's satisfaction.


-If they will only take full payment "today", run and don't walk away from them. Virtually all reputable tax remediation organizations with accept payment plans that are spread over 45-60 days.


I hope this helps you to get your tax situation under control. Feel free to contact me with additional questions or just ask away in this forum If you'd prefer.



Tax Problems?  Tax On The FAX can help.


*All reputable tax remediation organizations will base their scope of work on the information that you provide to them so be honest.  Nobody wants your case to be dendied by the IRS (and your fees paid lost) because they found over $80,000 of equity in your home that you failed to report. 


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